Ashwagandha 60 Capsules Bottle


ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandha Capsules helps in:-

Stress, stress-related illness & Anxiety
Immune deficiency
Low energy
Chronic fatigue
General exhaustion
Cold, flu, and bronchitis
Premature ageing

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ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandha Ayurvedic Capsules Relieves Stress & Builds Vitality
Ashwagandha is a natural treatment for low energy states & general exhaustion, a tendency towards infections, cold, and flu. A powerful anti-stress agent, Ashwagandha help relieves mental, physical & emotional stress, restores & builds energy and helps prevent cold. PACKING: Also Available in Ashwagandha Anti Stress 180 Capsules Bottle

Made with Certified Organic Herbs
HPMC veg capsule
Tested for heavy metals

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