We introduces travel essential kit specially designed for men. It includes 6 mini size bottles of everyday toiletries that are useful for men. Now travel tension free as this travel kit is lightweight and contains everything you need to kick start a refreshing day! The mini size bottles takes minimum place in your bag and are very handy to carry around.

Bio Wild Grass After Shave Gel (60ml): This anti-irritation after shave gel blends tender grasses, aloe vera, valentina and turmeric to soothe, hydrate and safeguard skin after shaving. Helps eliminate redness, burning and “shave bumps.” Braces the face with a cool, refreshing feeling.
Bio Sea Kelp Hair and Body Wash (60ml): 100% soap-free cleanser, it is a blend of pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extracts to wash away dirt, excess oils and other impurities, head to toe. Fresh-gel formula will not strip hair or disturb the skin’s natural pH balance.
Bio Orris Root Face Cleanser (60ml): 100% soap-free cleanser, it is a nourishing blend of pure orris root and neem leaves, to cleanse and brighten skin without dryness. Fresh-gel formula will not disturb the skin’s natural pH balance.
Bio Plantain Man (60ml): This revitalizing serum is an intense blend of pure plantain, sandalwood and peppermint oils to fortify skin’s anti-aging defences and boost brightness for a fit, fair, radiant complexion. Skin is perfectly prepared for further treatment.
Bio Orange Lotion (60ml): A light emulsion with extracts of bitter orange, wheat germ, fenugreek and winter cherry. It nourishes the skin with natural vitamins and cures skin infection.
Bio Palmyra Expert Shave Gel (50ml): This rich shaving cream blends pure palmyra coconut palms and banana extracts, to cushion and set up the beard for easy razor glide. Softens whiskers and conditions skin for a friction-free, moisture-balanced shave.
Organically pure & preservative free.
Dermatologist tested for safety.
No animal testing.

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