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ORGANIC INDIA Cardiovascular Care Pack rejuvenation through herbs that nourish the blood, help strengthen the heart muscle & improve circulation. Abundant in antioxidant, heart Guard helps protect the heart from free radical damage related to everyday stress. Cardiovascular Care Pack perfect combination of:-

ORGANIC INDIA Heart Guard 60 caps – Cardiovascular Support
The use of organic herbs Arjuna, Sahijan and Ritha for heart health dates back to Ayurveda and Oriental medicine. These herbs are safe and have a balancing effect on your cardiovascular system. Organic Ritha is known for its ability in strengthening heart function. Organic Arjuna on the other hand, is abundant in antioxidants and minimises stress-related damage to the heart.

ORGANIC INDIA Flaxseed Oil 60 caps OMEGA 3 Heart Healthy – To Keep You Active
This superfood is a true multitasker. It’s abundant in heart-friendly Omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA) which promotes good cholesterol. Being active is a must to keep your heart healthy. Flaxseed oil can also help in promoting joint-health. It is rich in antioxidants that help reduce the damage from stress and improves immunity. Flaxseed oil is also beneficial for digestion. Good digestion prevents the build up of toxins that can be damaging to heart health.

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