Authentic Chyavanprash – 500 grams pack


Boosts Immunity

Improves Energy

Rejuvenates the physiology & promotes overall well-being

Strengthens digestion & assimilation by promoting healthy liver function

Boosts memory, retention & recall

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“Maharishi Ayurveda Chyavanprash is a nutritious health vitalizer that boosts immunity and keeps common health problems caused by bacteria, viruses and weather change at bay.

Chyavanprash is considered to be the best amongst rasayanas, Chyavanprash is renowned as a nervine tonic, general health revitalizer and for imparting a natural glow to the skin.

This rasayana is also useful in Chronic cough, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Cardiac symptoms, Old age and other effects associated with these diseases.

Maharishi Ayurveda Authentic Chyavanprash contains a mixture of Ashtavarg, Dashmool, Vanslochan from the natural sources and the best quality Honey collected from reliable farms, the goodness of Chandan, Cardamom, Fresh Amla and Pipal etc.

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